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It’s undeniable: attention spans are scarcer than ever. With overflowing inboxes and endless notifications, capturing someone’s attention and driving them to action through a tiny screen seems almost impossible. But fear not, marketers! Your secret weapon lies right in your pocket: SMS text messages.

Boasting sky-high open rates (98% compared to just 20% for emails!) and the ability to reach customers directly on their most personal device, SMS marketing packs a powerful punch.

But simply sending a text isn’t enough. To truly harness the power of SMS, you need to craft compelling SMS content that converts.

Here’s our roadmap to SMS content success, packed with facts and figures to fuel your strategy:

Crafting SMS Content That Converts

1. Know your audience

  • Personalisation is key: Studies show that personalised messages can boost conversion rates by up to 300%!
  • Segmentation is your friend: Divide your audience into groups based on interests, demographics, or purchase history for targeted messaging. This ensures your offers resonate with the right people.
  • Listen and learn: Analyse customer feedback and engagement data to understand their needs and preferences. Don’t just guess; listen to their voices!

2. Keep it short and sweet

  • Remember, you’ve got 160 characters! Get to the point quickly and clearly. Research suggests the sweet spot is between 50-120 characters.
  • Use strong verbs: Instead of “We have new arrivals,” try “Shop our latest looks!” Actionable language motivates customers to take the next step.
  • Avoid jargon and technical terms: Keep your message simple and easy to understand for everyone.

The ideal length for SMS Messages is between 50-120 characters.


3. Offer value, not just hype

  • Don’t just push sales. Use your SMS content to share exclusive discounts, early access to products, or helpful tips relevant to your audience. Make them feel like insiders with valuable information, not just targets for a sale.
  • Highlight product benefits: Focus on how your product or service can improve their lives, not just its features. Show, don’t just tell!
  • Offer timely solutions: Is there a holiday or event coming up? Send a relevant offer or tip that demonstrates you understand their needs and interests.

4. Craft a compelling CTA

  • Tell your customers what you want them to do next! Use strong verbs like “Shop Now,” “Reply YES,” or “Visit Link.” Make it clear and easy for them to take action.
  • Use Limited-time language: Studies show that SMS messages with a sense of urgency (e.g., “Flash sale ends tonight!”) had a 4.4% higher conversion rate than those without
  • Offer multiple CTA options: Provide choices, like “Shop now” or “Learn more.” This caters to different customer preferences and increases engagement.
  • Test and refine your CTAs: Experiment with different wording and placement to see what works best for your audience.

SMS messages with a sense of urgency (e.g., “Flash sale ends tonight!”) had a 4.4% higher conversion rate than those without.


5. Timing is everything

  • Consider your audience’s time zone and typical usage patterns. Weekdays during business hours or evenings are generally safe bets, but avoid late nights or early mornings unless relevant to your offer.
  • Consider your demographics: A study by Roy Morgan Research found that Australians aged 18-24 are most active on their phones between 6 PM and 10 PM, while those aged 35-49 peak between 7 PM and 11 PM.
  • But consider quiet hours: Avoid sending messages between 8pm and 9am, as many of your customers are winding down.
  • Think about holidays and events: Schedule special offers or messages around holidays and events that your audience might be celebrating.
  • Be mindful of cultural differences: If you’re reaching a global audience, consider different time zones and cultural sensitivities when scheduling your messages.

Australians aged 18-24 are most active on their phones between 6 PM and 10 PM, while those aged 35-49 peak between 7 PM and 11 PM.


6. Don’t spam, engage

  • Respect your audience’s privacy and avoid bombarding them with texts. Quality over quantity is key! Aim for once or twice a week at most, depending on your offer and audience.
  • Provide opt-out options: Make it easy for customers to unsubscribe if they no longer wish to receive your messages. Building trust is crucial.
  • Reminder: Australian regulations require all messages to have an unsubscribe link.
  • Engage in two-way communication: Encourage replies and questions. Make your brand feel approachable and open to interacting with your customers.

7. Choose the right platform

Navigating the world of SMS platforms can be overwhelming, so let’s break down some crucial factors to ensure you pick the perfect fit for your business.

  • Ease of Use and Setup: Does the platform offer a user-friendly interface and simple setup process? Look for options like intuitive dashboards, minimal installation requirements, and drag-and-drop functionality. Time is money, so choose a platform that lets you launch campaigns fast. (Top SMS boasts a 60-second setup with no software installation.)
  • Cost-Effectiveness and Transparency: Beware of hidden fees and expiring credits! Opt for transparent pricing models like pay-as-you-go, with features included in the per-message cost. No lock-in contracts are also crucial for flexibility. (Top SMS offers this exact structure, letting you pay only for what you use.)
  • Reliability and Security: Look for platforms with direct carrier connections and proven track records of timely message delivery. Features like two-factor authentication and data encryption offer added peace of mind. (Top SMS prioritises security and reliability with direct carrier connections and secure systems.)
  • Local Focus and Understanding: Consider platforms tailored to your specific region. They’ll likely offer features relevant to your local market, regulations, and integrations with popular local tools. (Top SMS, being Australian-owned and operated, understands the needs of Australian businesses with features like Woocommerce integration.)
  • Flexibility and Control: Choose a platform that empowers you with control over your budget and campaign performance. Look for detailed reporting, the ability to customise sender names, and the freedom to adjust your strategy without lock-in contracts. (Top SMS provides clear reporting, lets you set custom sender names, and has no lock-in contracts.)

SMS Content Optimisation: Final Thoughts

By following these tips and optimising your SMS content, you can transform those tiny text messages into powerful marketing tools that drive engagement, build relationships, and ultimately, convert your audience into loyal customers. Remember, in the world of SMS marketing, less is often more. Focus on creating compelling, personalised, and value-driven messages that cut through the noise and resonate with your audience. Your phone might just become your most powerful marketing weapon yet!

Get creative, experiment, and have fun with it! The possibilities are endless, and with a little optimisation, you can turn those tiny texts into big conversions.

Now go forth and conquer the world of SMS marketing, one compelling message at a time!

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