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The Business & Results

Dubbo Meat Centre is a long-standing butcher serving the Dubbo and surrounding towns in Central West NSW.

They had been sending email offers for years, but they found that over the last few years, emails were just not delivering results. Order volume was slowly dropping year on year. It appeared that people were just not opening the emails as much as they used to.

Recently, they started using TopSMS. After a few messages, they decided to test the TopSMS platform with a simple offer.

They were skeptical that a simple offer with one message would succeed where their emails had failed.

Such a simple message

Why did it work?

1. An existing positive customer relationship

The first thing to remember is that the SMS recipients know and trust the sender.

This is often overlooked. 

If you do not know or trust who sent you a message, there is a good chance you will think it is either (a) spam or (b) a mistake – mistakenly sent to you instead of someone else.

How to build trust?

  1. Ensure you’ve got permission to send them an SMS before you do (this is Australian law anyway)
  2. Send them an SMS to immediately notify them that they are on your hot deals SMS list (or something of similar wording)
  3. Send them SMS regularly: once or twice a month is usually a good cadence. More than once per week often gets annoying. 

Once your customers are used to hearing from you via SMS, they will come to expect them from you and will be much more likely to respond positively to your offer.

Get Ideas and templates for SMS messages.

2. It followed many SMS best practices

While this could be even better, this SMS follows multiple best practices:

  • Clear offer stated
  • A clear urgency statement
  • A simple and direct Call To Action
  • Reminder of who sent the SMS

This could have been a bit better with the following

  • Add personalisation with the customer’s first name.
  • Have a slightly clearer CTA. E.g. Shop Today, or Order Now

3. A fantastic offer

Ultimately, even if you follow all the best practices, if your offer isn’t appealing, it will not translate into sales.

This offer is amazing. Only $8 a kilo for a lamb roast? That’s a massive deal!

Little wonder that they had so many customers buy!

Final Thoughts

Offers are a form of customer retention

Many smaller businesses are reluctant to discount or promote special offers – especially to existing customers. The thinking seems to be: why offer my existing customers specials? They already like me, they already buy from me.

However, it is important to remember that you need to consistently engage your existing customers to remind them why you are their preferred shop, supplier, or partner.

Remember, your customers are only a click away from choosing a competitor!

So keep them engaged and buying from you, and your business will continue to thrive.

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