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SMS Best Practice Recap

When you are putting together an SMS campaign for the first time, it can be tricky to craft an effective message in such a small number of characters.

So we’ve put together 12 SMS templates you can copy to get immediate results.

But before we do, let’s recap the key things you need to remember to have a successful SMS campaign.

Remember, you don’t have much room, so keep it clear and punchy.

  • Personalise Your SMS with your contact’s first name
  • Identify yourself
  • State your message or offer in direct, clear language.
  • If the message is an offer, include an end date for urgency.
  • Avoid emojis – this can trigger Spam filters
  • Provide a clear Call to Action if you want them to do something.
  • Provide an Opt-Out. Whether an {Unsubscribe} link, or a reply: STOP Opt-out

SMS Templates: Sales, Offers & Promotions

1. Weekly specials SMS

Why we like it

Personalised with the customer’s first name, direct and punchy! The business name is included too. A great offer with a clear deadline. The “Shop Here” CTA can’t get any clearer.

2. Special offer SMS

Why we like it

Lots of urgency with the clear offer front and centre. Adding a coupon just for your SMS helps you track its impact. Another relevant CTA. Try different variations and see which are more effective.

3. VIP pre-order

Why we like it

We all love to be treated like we are special! Reward your customers for their loyalty. Also, this SMS has the added bonus of getting your customers to spend their Black Friday dollars before they see other sales. Great idea!

4. Build-up to a special occasion

Why we like it

Special occasions are more effective when you prepare your customers for them. Let them know once or twice beforehand. This SMS tells the customer what the occasion is and what the offer will be – with a hint of mystery. While the CTA “Explore Specials” is less punchy than shop now, it gives the customer an idea of what they will be able to get.

5. Special occasion final reminder

Why we like it

Personalised in a slightly different way. But the best thing is the clear occasion reminder and the discount deadline, all finished off with a clear CTA.

6. Re-engage lapsed customers

Why we like it

Once you’ve gained a customer’s phone number and their trust, it’s a great idea to reengage them if they haven’t shopped for a while. This one gives the customer two reasons to revisit the store: new fashion lines and the discount.

SMS Templates: E-Commerce Automations

7. Abandoned cart SMS

Why we like it

You don’t have to offer a discount to recover your abandoned carts. This SMS is personalised with their name and how many items were left in their cart. It is penned in a more casual style, which plays well with this customer demographic.

8. Payment completed notification

Why we like it

Shopping online is always a little uncertain. We love that this confirms the order and allows them to view and track their order easily. No more wondering if your credit card worked or not!

9. Order shipped notification

Why we like it

This is a great way to tell your customers their order is on its way and to encourage them to engage with you on another marketing channel. Grow your Instagram followers and make them feel good.

SMS Templates: Nurturing Automations

10. Event promotion SMS

Why we like it

This is inviting the customer to something special and is a great way to build buzz and awareness – whether it is an event, a store opening, or something else. It provides key event details upfront so they can easily decide if they are interested or not. The CTA clearly takes them to a page where they can register and learn more.

11. Survey SMS

Why we like it

This is a fantastic way to engage with your customers and find out more about your customers. This SMS increases the response rate by showing the estimated completion time (only 3 mins) and having a highly relevant CTA.

1.2 Announcement SMS

Why we like it

Simple courtesy goes a long way! Engage with your customers in advance and make it easy for them to deal with any changes. The tone in this SMS is a little more formal as appropriate for a clinic, and it ends with a highly relevant CTA.

SMS Templates: Closing Thoughts

Well thought-out messages get results

Before you start firing off SMS messages left right and centre, take a moment to plan how often you are going to engage with your customers and what information will really make a difference to them and your business.

Ultimately, SMS is another channel that works with your website, apps, emails, and socials to engage and build ongoing relationships with your customers.

The better you do it, the stronger your business will be.

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